Peaked Visor Index

Crawford 53/2 - Peaked Visor - Varieties
-Four Locks of Hair
-Horses hind legs bent at hock
-Trapezoidal Frame
-Roma in frame w/ vertical r. line 
Crawford 54/1 - Uncertain Mint - Scarce

-Unique style obv with short peaked visor
-Rev. Legend "ROMA" in exergue
Crawford 55/1 - Peaked Visor - Uncertain Mint - Very Rare

-Lock of hair curls up to Roma's Jaw
-Rev. Cape of two lines from rider's neck
Crawford 77(A) - Mint: Sicily - Excessively Rare

- Obverse peaked visor of 3 lines (no body)
- Flag cape variation (no scrolling ornamentation)
- Intricate horse's tail
Crawford 80/1b - Mint: Sicily (?)- Scarce

- Obverse peaked visor curves downward
- Stars positioned slightly behind horsemen's heads
Crawford 110/1b - Mint Uncertain - Rare

- Stylistically as 110/1a (Wreath)
- loose hair locks ending in "hooks"
- Obverse skull-cap helmet
Crawford 139/1 - Rome Mint

- Sharply peaked visor
- Reverse small “ROMA” in small, three sided frame
Crawford 140/1 - Rome Mint

- Luna in a “galloping” biga, horses’ forelegs extended
Crawford 152/1c - Rome Mint - Rare

- Curl on left shoulder
- Peaked visor
- Horse’s tail trailing straight out
Crawford 158/1 - Rome Mint

- Luna in a biga with horses’ rearing up
Crawford 164/1a - Rome Mint - Scarce

- Reverse stars are in front of the heads of the Dioscuri
- Horse's tail between hind legs
Crawford 164/1b - Rome Mint - Scarce

- Unusual waving style cape of three broad lines
Crawford 167/1 - Rome Mint

- Horse's legs are quite short, especially the hind legs
- Horse's prancing or slightly rearing up
- Reverse ROMA legend in two sided frame - top, right
- Modern "A" in ROMA
Crawford 197/1a - Rome Mint

- Reverse type Victory in galloping biga holding goad
Crawford 197/1b - Rome Mint

- Reverse type Victory in galloping biga holding whip
Crawford 198/1 - Rome Mint

- "Wing" like cape style. The upper corner extends further to the left
- "ROMA" legend in two sided frame