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Revision History



8-APR-2018 1. Fixed mis-directed external references
2. A few narrative modifications and corrections to Cr. 45/1, 53(a), 53/2 grp 1, 53/2 grp 3, 53/2 grp 4, 54/1, 152/1c, 164/1a, and 164/1b
3. 53/2 grp 4 - replaced image 53/2.12 to illustrate "B" cape example.
23-MAR-2018 Added 77(a), and a few other minor fixes
2-AUG-2015 Revised section on Cr. 110/1b to probably relate more closely with Cr. 111/1 (AL) rather than 110/1a
8-MAR-2015 Created index link to Guide to the Anonymous Victoriati guide by Kenneth L. Friedman and Richard Schaefer